In an era of tight budgets and limited funding, grants can play a very important role in a municipality’s ability to improve its infrastructure, provide for economic growth, and improve the overall quality of life for its citizens.  Technical grant assistance can be a very important tool in serving municipal governments and authorities.  The application process, at times, can feel like an extremely daunting task, but The EADS Group’s experienced team is here to help!

EADS can help with the preparation of grant applications and grant administration. We can even help find what grants you should apply for. There are plenty of opportunities to get the funding for your next project. You just need to know where to find them and who can help. You can obtain grants and loans for planning, design and construction from various funding agencies. Below you will find a few resources to some lists of grant opportunities. If looking over those lists makes your head spin, let us do our job and assist you in finding what works best for your project goals.  

There are many steps and requirements for each application. We work with you to gather all the documentation needed and help you get it submitted. Over the past two years, The EADS Group has successfully assisted our clients in securing over $72.9 million dollars in grants and loans. Grant applications are confusing enough as it is; don’t get overwhelmed, let help us help you!