Engineers have completely changed the world we live in, from modern buildings, safe bridges and roadways, to life-saving medical equipment and the latest mobile technology. Innovative ideas are what engineers do, and they use their knowledge to create new and exciting solutions to solve any problems that may arise.  Engineers help make the world a safer place.


The EADS Group takes great pride in our employees and their ability to support and shape the communities we serve.  We celebrate our work family and we’re happy to share what Engineers Week means to them:


“Engineers Week is a time to recognize the contributions engineers have made designing the world we see today and will make by shaping the future.” – Mark Brumbaugh, Engineering Designer, Altoona Office


“To me Engineers Week is a time to raise public awareness on the role Engineers play in making our lives convenient.  From the mobile phones we use to the cars we drive to the infrastructure we rely on; Engineers make it happen.” – Josh Kalp, PE, Municipal Department Manager, Clarion Office


“Engineers Week is a time to recognize all of the hard work and dedication that Engineers put into to each and every project and to celebrate how engineers make a real difference in our world each and every day – from the roads we drive on, to the technology we use – engineers are behind the scenes of just about everything we use in our daily lives.” – Alyssa Rouser, PE, Professional Engineer, Altoona Office


Engineers must be critical, capable, creative, curious and always ready to handle the constantly changing world. At The EADS Group, our employees are always up to the challenge. So, let’s celebrate all engineers this week and always!