Construction Inspection and Management Services


We inspect today, to protect you tomorrow…

The EADS Group provides construction inspection and management services for State Transportation Agencies, The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and County and Local Governments. We provide construction inspection and management services in areas such as:

• Earthwork
• Flexible and Rigid Pavements
• Structures (Bridges, Box Culverts, Piles, Sound Barriers, etc.)
• Incidental Construction (Pipe Culverts, Guide Rail, Curbs and Gutters, Curb Ramps, etc.)
• Erosion and Sedimentation Control
• Wetland Mitigation Sites
• Maintenance and Protection of Traffic During Construction



Our Construction Inspection and Management Team performs an array of duties, all required to meet regulations and safety requirements.

Duties of an inspection/management team include:

• Review and Acceptance of the quality of all materials and workmanship
• Compliance with all terms of the contract
• Conformity with drawings and specifications
• Conduct monthly partnering and progress meetings
• Prepare bi-weekly or monthly payment estimates
• Analyze change orders and prepare payment upon owner approval



Depending on the magnitude of a project, construction inspection and management teams vary in size. Regardless of the size of the project, we have the professionals to inspect/manage construction projects and material testing. Inspectors interpret contract requirements by analyzing specifications/drawings and applying a variety of testing/inspection techniques to ensure safety and completion of the project in a timely manner.


Wildwood Bridge Deck Placement Picture:

The EADS Group provided Design and Inspection Services for the Cambria County Planning Commission on the Wildwood Bridge that carries T-452 over Clearfield Creek in Cambria County. During construction, our team provided Construction Inspection and Management Services to PennDOT District 9-0 and the Cambria County. The picture shows the placement of concrete deck on the pre-stressed concrete spread box beam bridge.


U.S. 219 Sections 20A – 20E (Somerset to Meyersdale) Picture:

The EADS Group provided Construction Inspection and Management Services for The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 9-0 on the four lane limited access highway construction project for State Route 219 in Somerset County. The $300 million dollar, 11-mile long project was constructed to provide an uninterrupted four-lane roadway connecting Somerset to Meyersdale. The picture shows one of the many large bridge structures along the route.


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