The EADS Group, Inc. has experience providing services for both inter and intrastate gas pipeline industries. We understand state laws regarding:

• Oil, Gas and Wind Energy Development
• Environmental Requirements for Drilling Operations
• Waste Disposal/Waste Management Practices
• Bonding, Permitting and Registration of Wells
• Resource Management
• Well Construction
• We are able to provide our clients with the following:


• Boundary Lines
• UAV/Drone Services


• Well Site and Access Road
• Storm Water Management Plan
• Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
• Reclamation Plan
• Pits, Impoundments and Dams


• Chapter 105 Streams/Wetlands
• Earth Disturbance/ESCGP-1
• Highway Occupancy
• Water Withdrawal/Intake
• Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC)

Additional Services

• Land Development Ordinance Requirements
• Hydrologic Services
• Potable Water Supply Needs
• Sanitary Sewer Needs
• Geotechnical Services
• Zoning/Land Use
• Inspection Services
• Road Evaluation and Design
• Pipe and Pump Design
• Transportation Studies
• Grantsmanship

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