The Award Winning
With a unique global stability system, including the 2nd largest MSE wall in the world and nearly 45 miles of pipe drilled into the side of the mountain, it’s no wonder that the Lewistown Narrows Project has been referred to as an “engineering marvel.” Once one of the nation’s “most dangerous” stretches of road, the new roadway has shed its reputation and is now a modern bifurcated, limited access, 4-lane highway that provides a vital link through an extremely narrow corridor. Not only a transportation link, it provides the community access to rich Pennsylvania history and outdoor recreation.

The EADS Group Now Offers

Large projects that once took weeks to complete can now be completed in a few days with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s).

UAV’s, also referred to as drones, are making a significant contribution to a number of industries thanks to their versatile flight capabilities and the high-resolution imagery they can produce. Use of UAV’s may save time to obtain project information, and also…(link to UAV Services)


EADS Announces New Clarion Office Manager

Brent E. Cartwright, RLA


EADS Announces Promotion

Kyle W. Fritz, PE

EADS Announces Promotion

Daniel J. Beyer, PE


EADS Announces New

Vice President and Principal

Gregory L. Elliott, RLA


EADS Announces

New President and CEO

Thomas M. Reilly, P.E.