Comprehensive Planning

The EADS Group, Inc. uses a dynamic planning process to produce plans that are implemented to address real issues. Our Comprehensive Planning projects include:

• County Comprehensive Plans
• Municipal, Multi-Municipal and Regional Plans
• Community WorkPlans and Neighborhood Plans
• Management Action Plans (MAP)


Public Participation and Engagement

This is the cornerstone of all of our planning projects. We have successfully completed numerous:

• Planning Charrettes and Design Workshops
• Community Workshops and Public Meetings
• Key Person and On-Line Surveys
• Interactive Online Mapping Projects

Specialized Planning and Feasibility Studies

Our Planners draw upon the site development, municipal, transportation and environmental capacities of the company to address a wide range of planning needs:

• Trail Feasibility Studies and Open Space and Recreation Plans
• Neighborhood Historic Preservation Plans
• Brownfield Assessment and Planning
• Facility/Site Reuse Plans and Permitting


Municipal Planning Services

The diverse skill set of our Planners allows them to provide services to our Municipal Clients:

• Subdivision/Land Development Regulations and Zoning Ordinances
• MS4 Stormwater Management Programs
• CDBG Administration and Reporting
• Flood Protection Project Emergency Action Plans
• Industrial Pretreatment and Risk Management Plan (RMP) Administration
• Sewage Enforcement Officer Services


Heritage Tourism Planning

Our Planning staff has extensive experience in community, heritage and tourism planning, much of the latter focused on the 400+ mile Route 6 Corridor across the northern tier of Pennsylvania. We created, directed and completed the Pennsylvania Route 6 Heritage Communities Program and led the preparation of local heritage development WorkPlans for twenty (20) municipalities across the Corridor. Our work along the Route 6 Corridor also involved preparation of a Visitor, Tourism and Information Services Study, a Business Opportunity Plan and the first Pennsylvania Route 6 Heritage Tourism Management Action Plan (MAP), which led to the designation of the Pennsylvania Route 6 Corridor as a State Heritage Area. Our collective work along the Route 6 Corridor has given special emphasis to the role heritage, nature and cultural-tourism play in community and economic development.


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