Comprehensive Planning

The EADS Group, Inc. uses a dynamic planning process to produce plans that are implemented to address real issues. Our Comprehensive Planning projects include:

• County Comprehensive Plans
• Municipal, Multi-Municipal and Regional Plans
• Community WorkPlans and Neighborhood Plans
• Management Action Plans (MAP)


Public Participation and Engagement

This is the cornerstone of all of our planning projects. We have successfully completed numerous:

• Planning Charrettes and Design Workshops
• Community Workshops and Public Meetings
• Key Person and On-Line Surveys
• Interactive Online Mapping Projects

Specialized Planning and Feasibility Studies

Our Planners draw upon the site development, municipal, transportation and environmental capacities of the company to address a wide range of planning needs:

• Trail Feasibility Studies and Open Space and Recreation Plans
• Neighborhood Historic Preservation Plans
• Brownfield Assessment and Planning
• Facility/Site Reuse Plans and Permitting


Municipal Planning Services

The diverse skill set of our Planners allows them to provide services to our Municipal Clients:

• Subdivision/Land Development Regulations and Zoning Ordinances
• MS4 Stormwater Management Programs
• CDBG Administration and Reporting
• Flood Protection Project Emergency Action Plans
• Industrial Pretreatment and Risk Management Plan (RMP) Administration
• Sewage Enforcement Officer Services


Heritage Tourism Planning

Our Planning staff has extensive experience in community, heritage and tourism planning, much of the latter focused on the 400+ mile Route 6 Corridor across the northern tier of Pennsylvania. We created, directed and completed the Pennsylvania Route 6 Heritage Communities Program and led the preparation of local heritage development WorkPlans for twenty (20) municipalities across the Corridor. Our work along the Route 6 Corridor also involved preparation of a Visitor, Tourism and Information Services Study, a Business Opportunity Plan and the first Pennsylvania Route 6 Heritage Tourism Management Action Plan (MAP), which led to the designation of the Pennsylvania Route 6 Corridor as a State Heritage Area. Our collective work along the Route 6 Corridor has given special emphasis to the role heritage, nature and cultural-tourism play in community and economic development.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainly for the business community and their families. The EADS Group is prepared to continue to serve our clients that remain operational during this time. We will endure this unfortunate situation by utilizing a workforce who will be safely working at home. Knowing that this pandemic will place limitations on us, we ask that you be patient in the weeks ahead. The safety and well-being of our employees is vital and we will balance their safety with delivery of our services to you, our valued clients.