Water & Wastewater

The EADS Group has developed an expert team of water and wastewater professionals that have successfully completed projects of various sizes and levels of complexity for municipalities, authorities, and private developments. Engineers in this group are supported by our staff of structural engineers, inspectors, site designers, environmental scientists, surveyors, architects and landscape architects, as needed. Our engineers are well-informed of the latest state and federal mandates and requirements.

Water/Wastewater Services include:

• Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
• Wastewater Collection System Design
• Infiltration/Inflow Analysis
• Storage Tank Design
• Feasibility Studies and Analysis
• Flow Monitoring
• Hydraulic System Modeling
• Act 537 Plans
• NPDES Permitting
• Chapter 94 Reports
• Annual Reports/Budgets
• On-Lot Wastewater Systems
• Permitting
• GIS Mapping
• SEO Services
• Operator Services (full or part-time)

Leak Detection Services:

The EADS Group can provide water line leak detection services that can help you pinpoint the location of hidden leaks in underground water lines. Trust The EADS Group experts to find your leaks in virtually all types of water lines and pipe materials. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to find leaks quickly and accurately. For more information contact Pat Mulcahy at 814-535-5388.

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